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We want to help you become one ! !

Celebrity status may be yours 


​We think everyone who's got music talent deserves a real shot. 2023 Music Talent Show was found to help young people start a realistic music career. 

Give us your Demo 

​The first step to become one of the contestants is to send us your demo. It has to be an Mp4 file containing a video of you performing live. Send it to : 

Who can compete ?

​Everyone who's age 16 - 40 and with a uniqe music talent can have a great opportunity to take part in our contest.


What does the winner get .

​The winner gets a one in a life time opportunity to be signed as a recording artist by a  professional record label which will give him or her a chance to record an album in one of the London's best recording studios . The label will make and promote videos for that artist and will do everything to get him/her to another level in the music industry.

2023 Music Talent Contest Final

July  01/2023

​The grand final of the 2023 Music Talent Show will take place in one of the London's Arenas. 

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